Our trade name change to GNB Banking Centers is to reflect our recent success and growth of Greenville National Bank. We will remain the same independent community bank under the same ownership and management, and the tellers will continue to deliver the same exceptional service you've come to expect. Your Greenville National Bank account numbers and credit/debit cards will not change.
Our growth and expansion could not be possible without our loyal customers, dedicated employees, Board of Directors, and shareholders that have supported our independence since 1934.
GNB continues to strive to keep security a priority for our bank and your finances. That's why we are making the move to a new, more secure domain at
The main takeaway:
For security purposes our website URL will end in ‘.BANK’ instead of ‘.com’; look for Email addresses will be updated at a later time.
What is .BANK?
.BANK is a gated domain, like .gov or .edu, but for verified banks. Replacing .com, which can be purchased by anyone, .BANK quickly verifies that the website or email is authentically from our
bank, so you can interact with confidence when you see the ‘.BANK’ at the end of our email address and website URL.
How is .BANK more secure?
Anyone can acquire a ".com" website address. .BANK website addresses require an extensive verification process prior to purchase. So criminals cannot create spoofed websites and email addresses that can fool people in to giving away personal information.

All banks within the .BANK domain must also implement additional Security Requirements to help secure their sites and email, and protect them, their vendors and their customers from
phishing, spoofing and other cyberattacks. All banks using .BANK are monitored for compliance with these security requirements on an ongoing basis.
Do I need to do anything differently now that you’re in .BANK?
Our email addresses (coming soon) and website URL now end in .BANK. From now on, before interacting with emails from us, and before you enter your username and password on our website, simply look for the ‘.BANK’ to authenticate the email or website is ours.

Our .com email addresses will be forwarding to our new .BANK email addresses, and our .com website redirects to our new .BANK site, but over time you should update your address book
and bookmark for our site.
You’re the first ‘.BANK’ I’ve seen, why haven’t all the other banks moved?
The move to .BANK is a business decision every bank must make, and plan for, based on its priorities and resources. We decided it was a priority for us to enhance our security and provide
our customers with an easy way to authenticate our email communications and website.